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August 2, 2021



      There are spirits, and energies, which you notice immediately, as being of darkness and shadow.  And these things you notice immediately, such as hatred, when you are vigilant, you cast them from you, you renounce them, immediately.  You shake them off of you.  You free yourself, of the darkness and shadow.  But there are other energies that are not quite as noticeably shadow and darkness.  And they can sneak into your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, and taint your inner chamber, leaving all manner of debris, and one such energy is doubt.  You might wake up one morning, feeling you can do, whatever you must do that day, and do it well, do a good job.  But somehow, between the hours of eight in the morning, and nine in the morning, this insidious energy of doubt begins to devore all of the energies, which were lifting you up, and preparing you to succeed.  And as the doubt multiplies, you begin to wonder, why you even thought, you could do it, at all.  This doubt is just as threatening, to your life on Earth experience, as the stronger, more recognizable, energies, and spirits, of anger, or hatred, those spirits tempting you to do vile things, because you see them, and know them, for what they are.  And most, who are vigilant, cast them from them.  But this doubt is often confirmed by individuals around you.  And soon you are eating from the bowl of doubt, and the flame, of your desire to accomplish the goal, flickers, and goes out.  Today, make it a point to rid yourself of doubt.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If not quickly cast from you, the spirits, and energies, of doubt, will rob you of The Glory of God, shining within you.  It will whisper, you cannot do what you think you can do.  And, if not addressed immediately, it is never done, that desire within you, that fulfillment within you.  Cast from you, and renounce, all agents of doubt.