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August 20, 2019

      NOTE:   Michael was released from Mission Hospital in Asheville, Monday, August 19, to continue treatment and recuperation at home.  Once he is rested and beginning to regain his strength, the audio portions of the daily messages will resume.  We thank each of you for your continued prayers during this time.


      Be mindful of your actions, your behavior, for your actions and behavior carry more weight than your words.  You speak of The Living Word often, and how your Brother Jesus brought the messages to Earth, and sealed them forever in a place of importance, a sacred space, by living each word He spoke.  Therefore, each word He spoke carried authority, caught your attention, rang of truth, because He lived it.  So, if you speak of love, but do not act with love, your words are empty, hold no truth; but, if you live love, then you are the living word of love, and it is compelling.  If you speak of forgiveness, but do not act with forgiveness, your words are empty; but, if you live forgiveness, then you become the living word of forgiveness, and your message is compelling.  If you speak of kindness, or understanding or compassion, but do not act with kindness, understanding, or compassionate, then your words are empty; but, if you live kindness, understanding, and compassion, with every fiber of your body, then you become the living word.  You become kindness, you become understanding, you become compassionate.  You are the living word, and it is compelling to all who observe.  The living word holds authority, because you can see it being done, being accomplished, being completed.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

      I was sent to you, to each one of you, so that you might walk in The Wisdom of God every day.  It is possible to do, but there must be the desire to follow-through, and accomplish and fulfill that which God has asked.  Therefore, do not spend so much time reading about love, or forgiveness, or kindness, or understanding, or compassion.  Spend your time living these things, then you become the living word of God; and, the words you say are compelling, and hold authority, because you have been fed with The Wisdom of God, and you grow in it.

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