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August 20, 2021



      Picture an outstretched hand, and, in that picture, you will find endless possibilities: accepting, giving, receiving, offering.  The outstretched hand is filled with potential, for good.  It is different from the clenched fist of anger, or denial.  When the hand closes, and forms the fist, there is no room for giving, and accepting, for offering, and receiving.  Picture, the outstretched hand, and accept it, embrace it, and offer your own.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you find that you have closed your hand, possibly out of fear, anger, frustration, denial, rejection, whatever the reason might be, draw your fingers away from the fist, until your hand is open.  Do not resist.  An outstretched hand, overflows, with endless possibilities, and is filled with stories, bringing The Light to all.  Do not deny the outstretched hand, any longer.  Embrace it as your own.