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August 21, 2019

      NOTE:   Michael was released from Mission Hospital in Asheville, Monday, August 19, to continue treatment and recuperation at home.  Once he is rested and beginning to regain his strength, the audio portions of the daily messages will resume.  We thank each of you for your continued prayers during this time.


      If you did awaken feeling as if shadow was draped over your shoulders, be still and I will tell you how to shed the shadows.  If you did awaken feeling light and in joy, be still and I will tell you how to be filled with even more light and joy.  My Light, flowing to My children, as a form of brilliant heavenly energy, is exactly the same.  It comes from Me, and flows to all of the children of Earth.  It is not diminished for one, and magnified for another.  It is equal in all parts.  The only thing that keeps one from receiving as much light energy from Me as all others receive, will be the obstacles, the impediments, the fences, the dams, and the doors that you have placed within you by playing with energies such as anger, or frustration, or greed, or worry, or concern.  Each thought is a block.  All you have to do to receive your equal share of My Light energy is to remove all that you have placed within you, blocking The Way.  It is My intention that all My children receive exactly the same portion of My Light, then the joy is watching what you do with it, how you use this Light I send unto each of you.  Make way, clear the corridors, empty-out the passages, and the shadows draped upon your shoulders will drift away.  If you were happy or joyful before, you will find, as you dust and sweep the cobwebs away, you are even more arrayed with My Light.  Rise-up My children and receive My Light, for it is yours.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      If you have ever observed a magnificent tree, with the sunlight pouring upon it, you have probably noticed the ground behind the tree, and how the light, coming from the sun, plays on the grass.  The leaves, and the branches, and the trunk of the tree block a portion of the light, so what you see, dancing on the grass behind the tree, is the light which moves through the tree unabated, by anything.  This is how it is with God’s Light.  As with the tree, the leaves, branches, and the trunk stop the light.  As with each of you, all that you have placed within your being that is of shadow and darkness stops The Light.  Begin clearing, begin cleaning, and begin receiving your equal portion of The Light of God.