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August 21, 2020



      I wish for you to invite Me into your circle of friendships.  I wish for you to invite Me into your circle of work.  I wish for you to invite Me into your circle of play, and recreation.  I AM with you, but it works best when you know I AM with you, and it is with purpose, and intention, that you assign Me a seat, that you permit Me to stand with you, in every relationship.  Right there, put Me between you and your friend.  Put Me between you and your child.  Put Me between anyone that you love, right there, between you and the person you love.  Do the same with projects at work, or at play.  Bring Me to the center of everything you do, each day.  When you begin to do this, with purpose, and intention, your relationships change, because I AM there.  Your projects, at work, and play, change, because I AM there working, and playing, right at your side.  I AM always with you, but when you acknowledge The Presence, and give My entry into your circle, a major role, then everything about your life changes, for the better.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       All you need do, is close your eyes, and envision this.  See yourself standing, with a friend, and see God, standing between you, bringing wisdom, and strength, and courage, and love, to that relationship.  And with your eyes closed, envision everything you do, in that way, because, I can assure you, if you see God with you, the words you choose to say, the thoughts you entertain, and the deeds you do, will change.  Everything about you will be light.  And you will move over the Earth, showing The Ways of God, pronouncing The Ways of God, through all that you do.  It is very difficult to have an argument, with a friend, while God is standing between you.  It is difficult to put together a project, which excludes some, and includes others, if God is working on the project with you.  And the same goes for play, and recreation.  Acknowledge The Presence of God, today, and see a change, for the better, in all that you think, and do, and say.