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August 21, 2021



      You have the power, within you, to strip from you, grief, and sadness, loneliness.  You have the power within you because it is My power, within you.  You have the wisdom, within you, to know that you are not meant to live in sorrow and depression.  You have the wisdom, I know, because I sent you the wisdom, with the coming of The Holy Spirit.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to push through those feelings of sadness and sorrow, grief, even neglect, or rejection.  Make the statement that you know I love you, that you know The Wisdom of Heaven is within you, that you know you are a child of God.  And with each statement you will grow in understanding that you are not alone.  You will never be alone.  I AM with you.  You will never lack for guidance.  Wisdom is within you.  And you will not lack for an example.  Jesus gave it to you.  Reinforce what you know, and as you grow in it, the sadness, and sorrow, and grief, depression will wither, and fade away, and you will rise-up, to greet the new day, free, light, and loved by Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In your darkest hour, you always feel alone, even if people are crowded all around you.  You can walk, through a sea of faces, and be desperate, for friendship, and a kind word, and compassion.  These things, that grip your soul, and spirit, and tear into your heart, these energies, are created by the spirits of the dark and shadow, tempting you away from The Light, telling you everything is wrong, and nothing is right, telling you, possibly, how evil you are, or how unworthy you are.  And these are all lies.  Before you even get to that place, prepare what you will say.  And say it every day, the list of who you are.  And begin with, “I am a child of God.”  “I am loved by God.”  “I hold The Wisdom of Heaven within me, and I am not alone.”  These words, and others, you might choose to say, will lead you out of darkness, into The Light, and you will be back on your way, making your journey, over the Earth, the adventure of a lifetime.