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August 22, 2021



      No matter what you are going through, today, and even if I seem, to you, to be far away, I AM with you.  I AM near to you.  It is always true.  But sometimes, what is happening, in the world around you, clouds My Presence, so you feel Me less.  Storms move in, and you feel blocked, and alone, but this is not the truth.  The clouds, and the storms, are preventing our close communication.  This is why it is important to not stay, or sit, within a cloud of doubt, or confusion, or anger, or hatred.  Remove yourself, quickly.  Blow the storms, and the clouds, away, and you will feel My Presence stronger.  That part is up to you.  You must do, what you must do, to maintain that clear communication, with Me, for I AM always with thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your life upon the Earth is often like life upon the stage.  Something is happening, there are characters, there are roles, there is scenery, there is singing, and dancing, and moving.  It seems it is constant.  And it is.  But the audience, those who come to observe the life, happening on the stage, cannot see, what is occurring, at all, until the curtains are lifted, and they see.  They see clearly what was happening all along.  But they could not see because of the curtain, separating the audience from those in the play.  Keep your curtains pulled, do not block what is happening.  I AM with you.  I AM within you.  Do not drop the curtain, and go sit in a corner, alone.  Bring up the lights, raise the curtain, and let us see what will be, together.