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August 22, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you to walk through this day.  Our ability to do this, together, should be a source of celebration, should be your comfort, should be your joy.  Let us not delay.  I reach-out, and say, ‘Come.’  Let us walk into this day, together.  There is so much to see, and so much to hear, and so much to say.  So, let your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, be a constant blessing to this sacred day.                



      “Today, I wish to speak to you about your connection with God.  It is a connection, that is often interrupted, or cut off.  And once it is interrupted, or cut off, there is a different feeling about your life, upon Earth.  You feel alone, like an astronaut, stranded on the moon.  But I tell you, this connection is always possible.  It is up to you, to stay connected, because God is always with you.  Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is with you, now.  And there are so many examples of a presence, being obscured, in everyday life, that you can use this, to lift your understanding about The Presence of God with you.  Some of them are very obvious.  A cloudy day interrupts the rays of the sun, in such a way, that you cannot see the sun.  You cannot see its brightness.  But it is there, and you know it.  It is behind the clouds.  As soon as they move out, you see the sun, again.  And you see the sun and the blue sky which you cannot see, when it is raining, or it is stormy.  But, when the rain, and the storm, moves out the blue sky and the sun is there, just as it has always been. 

      “It is the same with the moon and the stars.  You cannot see the moon on a cloudy night, or a stormy night, but it is there.  It does not go anywhere, because it is the moon.  And the sun is the sun.  They do not change because of the circumstances, or the situation.  It is you who must keep the connection vibrant, and alive.  And you do so through your intellect, telling yourself, ‘Well, it has rained for three days, but soon I will see the sun again.’  You are confident in this.  You know it.

      “Today, I ask you to be just as confident in The Presence of God with you, knowing that Heaven is with you, and near to you.  Say it with confidence, when there are clouds, all around you, when a storm threatens to beat you down, and the winds howl.  Say, just as you pronounce that you know the sun will be seen again, and the moon will be seen again, it is there, you just cannot see it at the time; say, ‘God is present, and the same, with me, even while the clouds are drawing near to me.’  This is a good way to picture reality, in its truest form, in its spiritual form, because God is not going away.  The moon, and the sun, do not go away, and God does not go away.  Establish that connection, in a vibrant way, so that no matter what comes to you today, or down the road, you can say, ‘God is with me today,’ and believe it, and know it.

      “Now, rise-up, and walk into the world, created by man, and show it.  Show that you know God is with you, today.”