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August 23, 2020



      You can read a book, of instruction, and know the words you read, for a while.  But you can forget some of the words, of instruction.  You can go to a lecture, and hear direction, and guidance, words, of instruction.  And you can hear these words, and remember these words, for a while, until they are forgotten, and you (do) no longer remember the instruction.  You can watch a film, and see how to do something, how to accomplish something.  You can see the instruction, the guidance, the direction.  But once the film is over, and months, and years, have passed, it is possible to forget that which you saw, just as it is possible to forget the words, of the lecture, or the direction, in a book.  But I will not leave you lacking, or longing, for direction, or guidance.  For, I will whisper within, and remind you, so that you do not forget the guidance you have received.  I AM ever with you, within, so you will know The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Take advantage of that which is yours.  You can look around you, and sometimes wonder, when individuals are trying to accomplish something, that they are not using all of the tools that are available to them.  It is easy to see, when another is not using all that is available to them.  But it is not so easy to recognize it within yourself, because you are trying so hard, you are working so long, you are struggling, you are caught in action.  But once you are still, you notice the instrument, the tool, over to the side, which was disregarded, or not even seen, during the struggle, during the work, during the action.  You have, within you, unseen, and unknown, tools, to help you through every day, every situation, and in every relationship.  But these inner tools can also be overlooked, until you are quiet.