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August 23, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM calling to you, from within your being, because that is where we meet.  I AM spirit, therefore I reach-out to touch the spirit that is you, the authentic you, the real you, the eternal you; and that is spirit.  You have donned the robes of Earth, for a while; but, no matter what your name, or how you look, or where you are, first, and foremost, you are spirit, eternal spirit.  And this is often why, physical death is hard for you to fathom, because, at the core of your being, your spiritual being, you have eternal life.  It is time for you to know the difference between your temporary role, as a human being, and your eternal presence, as a spiritual being.


      “When you desire quiet, to read a book, or to write a paper, you might decide to move away so the noises of recreation do not disturb your concentration.  When you wish to have conversation, with a dear friend, or a loved one, you might move yourselves away, from the sounds of celebration, so that you can hear one another, clearly.  And, you might run, and hide, from the sounds of devastation, shaking the Earth, threatening your wellbeing; and, you continue moving yourself away, from these threatening sounds, seeking shelter, seeking a place of safety, seeking a place of comfort.

       “When you sit, in a room, in a house with many rooms, it is possible for you to hear what is happening in adjoining rooms, when it is quiet.  When it is quiet, you can hear pieces, or parts, or sometimes, the entire conversation, of individuals two, or three, rooms away, unless there is noise in the room where you stay.  Then the sounds, taking place, in your room, distract you.  The noises cover-up the voices, just rooms away.

       “All around you, in the world: there are sounds, and songs, and noises, and conversations; there are threats, there is comfort.  It can be quite difficult to find a place, where there is no sound, no noise, no clanging, no banging, no crashing to distract you.  But when you make it your intention, to find a place of peace, and quiet, away from the noise of the world, you enter a different world, a realm wherein your feet are on the Earth, but your communication is with The Dimension of Perfection.  When you take the time, to find that place of peace, you actually experience being in the world, but not of the world, because the realm you enter, in that sacred sanctuary, alone, is the realm of Heaven, you carry within you.  And the conversations, taking place, within your inner chamber, are more real, lasting, than the conversations you have in the outside world; for, those conversations, will grow stale, after weeks, or months, and it is difficult to remember what was said, and the feeling the words carried.  But The Heavenly Kingdom, you carry within you, is there, with you permanently, offering you memory, for all lifetime, upon Earth, or moving through eternity.  They are different.  The world can be distracting.  Do not let it be so.  The world around you can be majestic, and beautiful.  Make it so, by maintaining your connection with The Dimension of Perfection, by being guided, and directed, so that you move over the Earth, with sacred intention, to harm no creation, to do good for all creation, and to make the world a better place, because your feet have passed that way, and your heart has been lifted-up in prayer, with the words you say, in the passing.  You are physically in the world, but you are spiritually eternal.  Make a difference, today, in your thoughts, in your deeds, and in the words you say.”