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August 23, 2021


      I wish for you to know, the power, of the purpose, for the mission, in your life.  You have, within you, the ability to accomplish all you are meant to accomplish, and to meet your destiny, with success.  It requires that you answer the call, from within.  Ignore the temptations, all around you, and go within; because within, is where you will find the direction, and guidance, to do exactly what you are meant to do.  You might find this difficult to accept, but you are unique, in that your mission is for you.  It is designed to be completed, using the gifts, and the talents, you have, within you.  Come, sit with Me today.  And after we sit together, you will rise-up, and feel you have been renewed, in the desire, to do that which you are meant to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are the only one, upon the planet of Earth, with the mission assigned to you.  Now, you might look around, and find others doing, that which you feel you are meant to do.  But still, within each similar mission, there are pieces, and parts, that are unique, designed specifically for each one of you.  The combination, of what you hold within, is what will make it possible for you even to begin.  And the use, of the combination, of the gifts, and talents, within you, will guarantee, as you begin, that you will make it, to the end of your mission, upon Earth, with success, and accomplishment.  Resist the temptation to be exactly like others are around you, and embrace the possibility that God has created you for your specific mission; and you are worthy of the mission, and you are able to succeed, because it is in The Divine Plan, and has been written by The Sacred Hand of God.