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August 23 2023



          Do what you can to ease the pain of others.  Lift up a head.  Take another’s hand.  Encourage those who falter.  Wipe a weary brow.  Speak the gentle word, from the root of compassion.  Give those around you the gift of love, as they have not known before.  And as I send you My love, pass it on.  And by doing these things the world will be a better place for those you touch, and bless, in the name of My love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           It takes little time to greet another with a smile, to reach out a hand, to offer a seat or place of rest, to encourage, and congratulate, to acknowledge those around you in a new light, in The Light of The Love of God.  Take that which has been given unto you, pass it on, and it will live forever in the continuing stream of eternity.  Give and you will live within the smile, within the hand, within the place of rest, within encouragement, congratulations, and acknowledgement.  You will live within others, as I live in you. as you pass it on.


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