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August 24, 2021


      The hands of mankind will build, will assemble, will put together many things.  And they will stand tall, and they will receive attention, as the buildings rise, and the bridges span the rivers.  But everything that the hands of mankind builds, and constructs, and assembles, and puts together will crumble, and fall, one day.  But the heart of mankind will create, and these creations, these things, that spring forth from the spirit, and the soul, shall never die, or fade away, because they are the creations of love, and compassion, and forgiveness, and understanding.  They are creations of charity.  They are creations of the soul, and the spirit, fueled by the heart of mankind.  And these things, will not crumble, and fade away.  They are eternal, and shall live forever, just like you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is good to build, and to assemble, with your hands, using the knowledge that you have gathered, or the ways you have been taught, but understand that there is greater.  God will teach you.  And the building blocks for eternity will be not steel, or mortar.  They will not be made of wood, or stone.  The building blocks for eternity are all the good that comes from your soul, and spirit, created by your heart.  The food you give to the hungry will go away.  But the gift of charity will stay.  The tools, you use to fix broken bones, and mend shattered arms and fingers, these tools, will fade away, as well.  But the kindness will live forever.  Use the things, of the world, to assist you, in delivering the eternal gifts.  Bless everything you do, by the kindness, that comes from you.