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August 25, 2019

      “I AM with you.  It is possible.  I AM answering your prayers.  It is possible.  I know your heart.  It is possible.  I see and watch your journey, until you find Me, and know yourself, that it is all possible.  All things are possible with God, and since you are of God, all things are possible for you.  Believe.                      


      “Know who you are.  It is easy to get lost, or distracted, when you are upon the Earth, for a while.  The material things offered by the world created by man are attractive and will draw your attention, and will lead you in another direction; and soon, you begin to believe that your status is marked by: what you wear, what you drive, where you live, the food you eat, the plays you see, the books you read, the colleges you attend, the friends you entertain, the clubs you join.  And I tell you this, all of these things, just mentioned, hold no weight, carry no importance at all.  They will all fall from you.  They will all disintegrate.  It is all an illusion.  The real value is held in the unseen treasures of love, compassion, of kindness. 

      “Every day, when you rise-up and go out into the world, you are surrounded by processions of people.  They file passed you, going in a direction, toward something.  It is a parade, and you see people who believe they are grander than anyone else in their parade.  You see the walk of the haughty.  You see the slumped shoulders of those who carry guilt, shame.  You see the stride of the privileged.  The procession continues every minute of the day.  People filing passed, no one really stopping to listen to what others say.  But there is a way that you can see beyond the trappings, the costumes that individuals choose to cover who they are.  Begin to understand who you are, and then, if you can, see Me in every face that passes you by.  It will not take long for you to realize that those passing you by are your brothers and your sisters.

      “When I walked upon the Earth, amongst those whom I loved, I guided them in certain ways.  And, one day I was speaking with My friends, and I made note that, if they did not recognize Me, if they did not feed Me, if they did not give Me shelter and comfort it was a sign, they did not know Me.  And of course, they all protested, saying, ‘But, You are our Brother, and we are with You all the time, and You know we give You food, we give You our attention, we give You our love.’  And it was then that I told them, if you do not do these things for those who have nothing, for those who are down-trodden, for those who are sick of spirit or body then you are denying Me your love, your comfort, and your support.  After I made such a statement there was total silence.  I do not believe they put this together, at that time.  They could not understand that we are one.  ‘I AM in you, and you are in Me.’  I kept telling them this.  ‘I AM in The Father.’  It would roll over them.  You cannot say you know Me and turn your head from a stranger in need.  You cannot say you know Me and mistreat others, speak down to others, gossip about others.  Each of these actions, and many more, cannot be directed at one without opening the door to My face.

      “Know who you are, for your actions speak more than your words.  Rise-up and understand that you are an eternal being, a child of God, and so are those around you.  Address others with respect.  Give them your hand and your heart, just as if I AM standing before you, because I say unto you, in that person you will find Me.  Rise-up this day and know who you are.  Put more importance on your eternal being than anything else.  Call upon yourself, your true self, the authentic you that is hidden beneath the muscles, and tissues, and sinew of a body, and let it rise, and let it bring to the surface all the love, and the light, and the peace that is within you.  Let kindness be your garment, and let compassion be your jewelry, and let forgiveness be the vehicle that moves you over the Earth, for you have found a home, an Eternal Home, and it is with God.”