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August 25, 2021



      Out of the smoke, and fire, of chaos, and confusion, will come bands of darkness, and shadow, which were created, within the chaos, and confusion.  And when you see this coming, be still.  For they will ride passed you.  They will not see you, because it is My will that you shall be protected.  And My arms will enfold you, until it is passed, and the sun has come again.  Do not fear that which appears to be threatening to you, for I AM watching over you, and I AM with you.  These things shall pass from you, and you will walk in My Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will come some days, as you journey upon the Earth, when it seems dark, and shadowy.  You do not know which way to turn, or where to go.  In these times, it is often the case, that your throat feels strangled, and you cannot even call-out for help.  When you face such threats, be still, and know that I AM within you, that Heaven is near to you, that you are a child of God, and no harm shall come to you.  Be still, until it passes, and then rise-up, and walk.