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August 26, 2019

      As life continued upon the Earth, more than many years ago, it was decided to divide the year into seasons: spring, and summer, and fall, and winter.  And, there were even dates to mark the occasion of the changing of the seasons.  But, if you did not set a date to mark the end, or the beginning, of a season, you might not notice when spring was slipping into summer, when fall was moving into winter.  The doors to the seasons, the changing of the seasons, do not slam shut, do not open wide.  It is more like a parade, it is hard to tell what is the beginning, and what is the end, when you are observing the procession go by.  All the action seems to be taking place in the middle.  And so, the tender buds of spring give way to the full blooms of summer; and, the fading blooms of summer give way to the falling leaves of autumn; and soon, the falling leaves of autumn are covered by the first snows of winter.  And then, it begins again.  Seasons: changing, ending, beginning, continuing.  This is how it is for you in eternity.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      As you are upon the Earth right now, you have forgotten eternal life.  You do not remember.  It is as if you passed through the portal, onto the Earth, and all remembering was wiped from you.  But, if you will take time, during the day, to be still, and quiet, and pray memories will flash back to you, and you will remember; and, the things that stir your memory of eternal life will be what is happening, right here, in the temporary life of Earth.  There is no need to say more.  The wise amongst you will understand, be still, and pray for more.