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August 26, 2020



    Before you begin the tasks of the day, stop, and pray, that all you do will be for the good.  Before you check the first item off your list of “things to do,” stop, and pray, that you will bless all you touch today.  Before you throw the second, and third, ball, up into the air, beginning your juggling act of all there is to do, stop, and pray, that you might have respect for each one you encounter, during the day.  There is a way to move through your day, and accomplish, what needs to be done, in peace.  It is possible to talk to your child, about an issue you consider very important, and drive them to school at the same time.  But it is better to drive them to school in peace, welcoming the new day; and then, find a time, and a place, that will be perfect to speak to your child about whatever the topic might be.  Those with whom you speak assign a level of importance to the words you say, depending on where, and how, you say it.  If you are saying something, which you wish to be, not just heard, but taken-in, and pondered, you need to make contact with whomever you are speaking with.  You need to let them know it is important enough for you to carve-out a special amount of time, to sit, with them, one to one, and speak together.  Go about all that you need to do today, in this way.  Blessing, and praying over, whatever you do, so that, when the task is accomplished, it is a blessing from you to all who will receive, pieces, parts, or the whole, of that project you just finished.  Make what you do important in its goodness.  Set aside the thought that you must accomplish twenty things, when five would do, especially, if the five are done with love, and blessed by you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes you will find that you are working through the day with such sense of urgency, and a great deal of speed, that when you stop one task, preparing to begin another, you find: your heart is pounding; you do not feel so good; you are tired, sometimes irritated.  Move into your day, with confidence, and determination, to bring peace, to bring a calmness to your environment, as you work.  You will be surprised to find how much can be accomplished, when you make the decision to do what needs to be done, prayerfully, and in peace.  Slow down.  Do not expect others to assign importance to what you are doing, if you do not assign importance to the way you are doing it.  Walk into this day in peace, and bring calmness wherever you go, so that all around you will know, and see, what you consider to be important.