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August 26, 2021



      When there is choice to be made, be mindful of the choice you make.  If you immerse yourself in a sea, in a body of water, that has been polluted, with garbage, and disease, that water goes into your eyes, and into your ears, into your mouth, and into your body.  And it carries with it sickness, and disease.  But if you choose the pristine body of water, and immerse yourself in it, the purity of the water moves into your eyes, and ears, and nose, and mouth, and it supports health.  Choose wisely, the body of water, in which you immerse yourself.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you surround yourself, with a sea of people, who are harboring dark, shadowy thoughts, speaking words of anger, or hatred, or revenge, or retaliation, this has an impact on you, because these words, and these thoughts, are moving into your ears.  Your eyes are seeing it.  Possibly your lips are speaking it.  And this sea, of pollution, has an impact on your body, with disease, and sickness, of a social nature.  If you surround yourself, with a sea, of individuals, whose thoughts are higher thoughts of light, and compassion, and understanding, whose words are of kindness, and joy, and light, then that is what moves into you.  Your ears hear the words.  Your eyes see the deeds.  And your lips speak, and the words, that flow from you, are mirrored all around you.  They are words of peace, and joy, acceptance, and love.  And in this sea, there is support for health, good health, of body, soul, and spirit.  Choose wisely.  Choose The Light, and you will be The Light.