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August 27, 2019

      Take responsibility for that which you do, for every action, every thought, every word that comes from you.  Take responsibility, for taking responsibility will free you, and you will find it easier to make your way through each day.  Resist the temptation to blame another person for a misstep.  Resist the temptation to blame another person for refusing to move, for not taking a step at all.  Assume the role that you are meant to play for a while as you are upon Earth, and accept the responsibility for your misstep, your lack of movement; and, what you will find, as you accept this responsibility, is that you can forgive yourself for the misstep, and you can forgive yourself for the lack of stepping at all, and move about your day.  Today, resist the temptation to blame others for your actions, for your thoughts, and for your words, because, My child, the reality is, you create.  Therefore, create a day that is filled with forgiving, and blessing, and understanding, and for living, as you are meant to live, on the beautiful planet that is Earth.

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Once you accept responsibility for all that comes from you, including your reactions to what others do, then a new door opens, and it is a doorway to where you are no long the perceived victim of anyone else’s thoughts, words, or deeds, because you have broken that chain, and set yourself free to be all that you are intended to be.  Take the step today.  Walk in The Light of God as a free child of God.  Accept responsibility.  Live your life.  Be free.