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August 27, 2020



      Master the storms, brewing inside you.  Those inner tempests have the ability to either sicken you, and those around you, or poison you, and those around you.  Your mood can range from seething in anger, to sullen, to grumpy, but the result is the same, disruption.  The only difference is the intensity of the disruptive force, and these churning disturbances are not harbingers of good.  That which is created, and fed, within you not only impacts you, the creator, but all those around the creator of the energy.  When you feel the storms forming within: be quick to be still, and quiet; be slow in your breathing.  Let each breath you take be longer, and slower, than the one before it.  And do not go anywhere, but to prayer.  Resist the temptation to blame others for causing the storm within you.  It is you who must choose: to feed the temptation of anger, and permit it to grow, within you; or, to calm the angry seas, by whispering My Name, thus mastering the invasive threat, in such a way, that it is subdued, fades away, and is not longer a threat to you, or those around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When anger threatens to rise-up within you, be still, and sit with God, until the storm passes, swept away by the power of a peaceful presence.