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August 27, 2021



      All those good intentions, which remain undone, remain intentions, which still can be done, if you gather them up, and address them, one by one.  Once that is done, there is no nagging feeling, in your thoughts, and concerns, that there is something you could have done, but remains undone.  Be quick to address this issue today.  Address it in your thoughts, and in the words you say.  Address it in the prayers you pray.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Each of you has a collection of noble thoughts, and desires, good deeds, that have come to you, during various parts of your life.  Yet, for some reason, they remain undone.  Let today be the day you check that list, and bring back, to the fore, all that you wanted to do before.  It is not too late to take that, which remains undone, and do it.  Do it for The Glory of God, all those good thoughts, and words, and deeds, do it.  There will come a day, when you will be happy to say, “My deeds are done, and they have been good.  My words have been spoken, and they have been good.  My thoughts are a fertile field for that, which is to come.  I will do it and leave nothing undone.”