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August 28, 2019

      Know Me.  Trust Me.  Many of you are so willing to place your trust in institutions, groups of people, or possibly even one person, to take their answers, to take their direction, and to use their course of action as your own, to follow their path, and adopt it as your own.  But, sometimes the course is not correct for you, the path is difficult for you to do.  If you will trust Me, I will show you.  I will guide you, and I will lead you to what is best for you.  While My ways are not the ways of the world, My ways will guide you safely through the world, through your season upon Earth, until it is time for you to come Home.  You asked what I wish for you to know, and My answer to you, My child, is… I wish for you to know Me.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      It is easy to read a book, to take a class, or to follow someone’s advice, someone you trust, especially when you are lost, or unsure, or you do not know which way to turn.  Sometimes, when you reach that point, any advice, any guidance, is better than confusion.  But, I counsel you to be quick to turn to God, for God will lead you in all ways; but, in order for this to be your first response to confusion, you must know God, you must speak with God every day.  Then, when this relationship you build with God is rich and full, you will always turn to God, and you will always know what to do.  Know God, and you will know the ways of God.