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August 28, 2020



      Show respect to: that man sitting next to you; or, the woman, coming around the corner; or, the group of people, standing in front of you.  Be respectful of your fellow human beings.  It is possible, not to agree with another person’s opinion, and still respect their right to an opinion.  A difference of opinion should not be the cause for arguments, or to create a situation wherein you fight against one another.  Respecting another’s right, to speak their opinion, brings the opportunity, to know what is on the heart of another.  By respecting another person’s right to speak their opinion, you come to know what they are thinking.  You can store volumes of information, that you receive, by listening, to another person’s opinion.  And these volumes, of information, can be accessed, for you to have a deeper understanding, and comprehension, of their feelings, and why they do this, or that, or the other.  It all comes back to respect.  When you respect another person’s right to their opinion, you grow in wisdom, you certainly grow in knowledge, and you most assuredly grow in the ability to understand your fellow human beings, better.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you begin with respect, you end in a deeper understanding of your fellow human beings.  When you offer respect to another person, you might not receive their respect back, immediately; but continue being respectful, anyway.  And there will come a day, when the seed, planted by your respect, brings respect back to you.  Take the time today to allow others to say that which is on their heart.  And respect what they say, even if you do not agree, be quiet, and listen.  This is The Way to peace, this brings calm, and is a vital step to unity.


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