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August 28, 2021



      Treat each person, you encounter, with dignity and respect.  It does not matter, how old they are, or how young they are.  It does not matter, whether they are sick, or healthy.  It does not matter, whether they are in need, or have need of nothing.  Treat all you encounter, each individual, with dignity and respect.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Each child of God is worthy of respect, is worthy of their dignity, is worthy to be treated with kindness, and compassion.  For by doing so, you are not defining the others, the ones you encounter, you are defining yourself.  Begin practicing, to show respect, to each one you meet.  After much practice, it will become natural, so that each encounter is treated with dignity and respect.  And that is who will become, a person of dignity and respect, because as you give, you too shall receive, dignity and respect.