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August 29, 2019

      Whenever you feel as if you are held captive by a thick fog-bank, a morning that is filled with fog so dense you cannot see beyond your arm’s length, be still, and soon the sun will burn through the fog, and the way will be made clear for you, and there will be no danger of tripping, or falling, or going astray.  The light of the sun will burn-off the fog and show you the way.  The light of the sun will release you from the prison created by the fog.  Be still, and wait for the light.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      If your early morning travels have led you into a fog, diminishing clarity, be still.  Do not wander in the fog, but wait for the fog to dissipate.  Then, you will see clearly as the light shows you the way.  Be patient and wait for the light of the sun.  This applies, as well, when circumstances, choices, and situations have created a massive fog-bank within you, and around you.  Be still.  When your vision is diminished, when you cannot see clearly, be patient, and wait for the light of the sun to burn the fog away, and then you will see.  It does not matter whether it is a natural phenomenon upon the Earth creating the fog, or choices you or others have made, or situations and occurrences which created the fog-bank around you, the direction remains the same.  Wait for The Light of The Son to clear away the fog.  Then, you will see with clarity.  Then, you will know The Way.