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August 29, 2020


      Whenever you are feeling low, or down, even if you have never tried it before, whisper My Name, and come sit with Me, just the two of us, in quiet.  I will not condone anger.  I will not encourage you to feel guilty, or to cast blame, or to even be sorrowful, or sad.  I will not sit to commiserate with all that is happening, because to do so does not resolve the issue, whatever is facing you.  It could bring a temporary retaliation, or add to the frustration, or possibly even put you in a position of winning the game, for a while.  But when you sit with Me, these things shall not be, for My intention is to bring you The Wisdom of Heaven, so that you are wise, so that you know The Way, so that the matter at hand can be resolved, in a plan of peace.  I will replace anger with understanding, which ultimately will lead you to compassion.  The guilt, and the blame, and the calling of name, and the sadness, and sorrow, will be pulled from you.  And I will fill you with courage, and strength, so that doubt disappears, and confidence remains.  When you know the truth, you are confident.  When your intention is to take the high road, to experience life, within light, you are confident.  When you struggle in shadow, and darkness, and feel down, frustration is the temptation, keeping you down.  Therefore, in our holy communion, we will replace these things with wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when you feel angry, it can be difficult to hear the answer, which will resolve the anger, but requires you to forgive, when you long for retaliation, and revenge.  But as you sit, in communion, with God, you come to understand The Ways of the Wise, as this Heavenly Wisdom fills you, and shows you retaliation does not resolve the matter, but forgiveness does.  The Light of The Dimension of Perfection illuminates the situation, and you will see The Way to true peace, not a temporary truce, true peace.  But the desire to do this must outweigh your feelings for revenge.  Today, why not give it a try?  Sit quietly, and ask for direction, and guidance.  Commit your answer to memory, or write it down, because you shall be given The Map of Peace.