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August 29, 2021


      There is a valley of indifference, created by those, who feel that the ways of the world are so harsh, and challenging, that they can do nothing to make things better.  So, they lose hope, hang their head, and move through each day, without much to say, about the good, and they cannot bear to speak, about the bad.  It is a dismal valley.  It is not verdant.  There is no river, running through it.  It is rocks, and stones, despair.  Do not allow what is happening, in the world around you, to drive you to the edge of this valley of indifference, because there is something you can do.  Beginning, from within you, create a sacred space of peace, by coming to speak with Me.  And from within you, this sacred space will move through you, and out from you.  And as you move through each day, and we talk, I will say, “Look around you.”  I will point, and direct your attention to the beauty of Earth, as I see it.  And you will see Earth, through My eyes.  And while chaos and confusion swirls around you, you will reside in your sanctuary of peace, a sacred place to be.  You will invite friends to visit, strangers to enter.  And then, when they feel the peace of your sanctuary, created from within you, they will depart from you, and they will create their own sanctuary, their own sacred space.  And soon, these places of peace, created from within each one, who is seeking peace, will grow, and will begin to touch, and form communities, of sacred spaces, welcoming strangers, and visitors, families, and friends.  This is how peace, in the world, begins.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You cannot create a sacred space for family or friend, but you can create your own.  When you have a garden, be it flowers, or vegetables, or fruit trees, or nut trees, family and friends come to see the gardens, maybe they even benefit from the food of the garden, or the fruit of the garden.  But you give them, sometimes, a cutting, or a small plant, and they take it home, and they plant it in their yard, and their garden begins to grow, like your garden grows.  It is the same thing when you are creating, from within you, a sacred space of peace.  It does not stay within.  This peace vibrates, it is an energy, it is living, you have created it, and it moves through you, and out from you.  And when others come close to, and around, you, and feel your peace, they too desire to be in a sacred space of their own.  And it is much like giving a plant, or a cutting, to another friend, to take home.  You are sharing, what you have created.  Much can come from what you create, within you.  Make sure it is holy, and good, and pure.