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August 29, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I call.  You hear Me.  I touch you.  You feel Me.  I send you a sign, and within the sign, you see Me.  Open, so we can be together, walking in the garden of Earth.  We will walk together, you and Me, and we will sing, and I shall know your heart.  Let us walk in the garden today, together.  We will whisper, we will pray, and we will stay in communion, all of the day.                

“You can build, within your being, a sacred space.  You create it from desire, and longing.  Your creation lives.  Whatever you create, this energy that you create, within you, lives.  Be mindful of what you are creating.  Check your thoughts.  If your thoughts begin to remind you of something, that was done to you, by another person, which you felt offensive, or in which you felt offended, you must instantly forgive that.  Do not create more of that.  Release everything, about that situation, and begin to create your own energy.  Do not magnify the energies others might have created, in darkness and shadow, energies which you feel were hurled upon you, from darkness and shadow.  Do not claim them as your own, and magnify them, by your thoughts, or your words, or deeds.

      “Reject creating, in darkness and shadow, and go within, and create glorious things.  Create your sacred space, within.  Everything you create is energy, and it lives.  So, this creation, this sacred creation, within you, the creation of peace, and love, and light, all these things, they move through you, and out from you, and you begin to radiate peace, and love, and light.  And others walk into your peace, and love, and light, and feel the sacredness of that sanctuary, that is around you; and they take some of that energy with them; and they can use that energy to build upon.  That energy will instill, within them, the desire to create their own sacred space of peace.  And since they desire it, it is done.

      “This is how you help a world in chaos and confusion.  In fact, this is one of the few ways that you can help a world in chaos and confusion, because by doing this you are in constant connection with God.  So, everything you do is not only living energy, sacred space, it is a living prayer, communication with God.  And this is how you help.  This is how you assist.  This is how you do your part for good, creating from within, and letting it pass from you.  This is how peace begins.

      “When an airplane, flying high above, filled to capacity, with passengers, hits turbulence, and there is danger that the plane will lose oxygen, the masks, delivering the oxygen for life, drop from above you, and you are encouraged to put your mask on, before you attempt to help anyone else.  That is a good example of what connecting with God, to create your own sacred space, does for all people.  You cannot help without your connection with God, without the energy you are creating of peace, and love, and light, within you, and let it flow through you.  Once you are in that state, of communion with God, and creation of light, and love, and peace, then you are able to help, by sharing that energy.  And you share it simply by being it.  Those, who walk into it, feel it, and know it, and choose it, and desire it.  And your part is done, there.  They can either choose to use it, or end up being indifferent to it, turn from it.

      “This week, rather than becoming upset, with what is happening around you, go within and create what is needed: sacred space, peace, love, light.  Once these creations exist, they are living, they are alive, and they deliver what you created to any, who will come, and taste of it.  This, is what you can do, when the world, around you, is coming undone.”