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August 3, 2021


      When it seems as if everything is crashing down around you, things are falling apart at the seams, resist the temptation to be upset, or angry, or run away.  Take a look at what is crashing down around you.  What is it saying?  What is the meaning?  Perhaps, rather than being upset, it would be good to look, and see, and know, that it is time for some things to go, and some to stay.  Pick through the debris.  Find those pearls that are meant to stay with thee.  And then clean up the mess.  Sweep it away, and begin again, in a lighter way.  Sometimes, what seems to be an accident, beyond your imagination, is really a seed for you to grow your imagination, into something new, and let go of all that has been weighing on you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, you reach a place, a place of examination.  It is time to take count of what is with you.  What are you holding onto?  What are you carrying with you?  What have you got, tucked, and packed, into corners, and drawers, that is really no longer serving you?  When you reach this point of examination, open, and be willing to change, so that, that which is with you, is of service to you, in every way.  Do not weigh yourself down.  Lighten the load.  Pay attention.  Free yourself from the debris, and your gait will be quicker, and lighter, and smoother, and you will continue, on your way.