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August 30, 2020


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you.  I reach-out to touch you, with a blessing from The Dimension of Perfection, a place you call Heaven.  It is everyday practice for you to contact someone, in a different place, in a different state, or a different country, sometimes, all the way around, to the other side of the world.  You do not consider doing this a miracle.  You consider it the possibility, presented to you, through technology.  That should make it easier for you to embrace the fact, and the truth, that it is possible to communicate between the dimensions.  It has been done so, for so many generations.  This communication, this Trans-dimensional Communication is often called prayer.                            


      “Today, I would like to speak to each of you about the importance of creating The Power of Love, within you.  I brought the message of love to Earth, to be delivered, to those of Earth, during turbulent times.  I spoke of love, and charity, and forgiveness, during a time when My people were occupied, when those, from far away, held rule over us, that in a matter of hours your whole world could be turned upside-down, because a company of soldiers rode into town, and took what they wanted to take from you, and then rode away.  I speak these words to you today, because it is easy to excuse, an unwillingness to create love, and blame it on turbulent times.  But today, I want you to remember, that it was during such time, when The Message of Love was delivered, to those of Earth.

       “Anger upon anger will not defeat anger.  You cannot create love within anger.  The only thing, that will over-power anger, is The Power of Love.  This is not the ways of the world, created by man.  This is The Wisdom of Heaven, delivered by The Hand of God, sending Me to Earth, to deliver a message, that held such importance, that it had to be delivered in time of turbulence, in a time when it, most assuredly, was difficult to love your enemy, when those perceived as the enemy were killing your children, shaming your wives, causing financial destruction, disrupting your life.  Yet, that was the message, in those times of strife.  Therefore, I say it to you today.  Create The Power of Love within you.  And hold onto to The Power you create, there.  Let it be cherished treasure.  Let it be sacred.  Let it be The Way you see to peace.”