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August 30, 2021



      There are energies of good and light, and there are energies of darkness and shadow.  These energies exist because My children, upon the Earth, create them.  And once they are created, they live.  I wish for you to know the power of that, which you are creating, withing you, the energy, that you are creating, within you.  When you are exchanging words, with another person, when they are words, good words, filled with light, and love, and compassion, there is a feeling to that energy, created between two people.  And it is so real, you can taste it, you can feel it.  You know, in that particular instance: how it feels to offer compassion and understanding; or, how it feels to receive compassion and understanding.  You feel it.  And it is often a taste, in your mouth, you sense it, because the creation of the energies of compassion and understanding, also interact with your body chemistry.  There is peace in your mouth, there is freshness in your mouth, because there is compassion being created, good being created.  And that is what you experience.  When you are having an argument, with another person, and it is fierce, and ferocious, and you can feel your blood, pounding in your head, as you swap, word for word, antagonistic, unkind, darkness and shadow, you are giving, and receiving, and you feel it.  You feel the anger.  You feel the hatred.  You feel the resistance of hearing what you are saying, or your resistance, refusing to hear what the other says.  It is a battle.  It is a battle of words.  And you feel what you are creating, and what the other person is creating.  And you taste it.  It is bitter.  It is not sweet.  Your heart is pounding, because creating the anger, and the hatred, is interacting with the chemistry of your physical body.  Whatever you are creating, you feel, and you can often taste.  There is a residue in your body, because of what you have created.  This I wish for you to know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you go to the grocery store, or wherever you go to purchase your food, the food you are going to prepare for your family, you choose the best, the ripest, the freshest.  Your choice can even be change because of a spot, or a bruise.  You do not go to purchase food, seeking that, which is spoiled, and damaged, and over-ripe, and carries an odor with it, because it is going bad.  Be just as careful, and mindful, about what you are creating, within your body.  Whatever you create lives, and impacts, your physical body.  Your spiritual creation impacts your physical body, sometimes greatly, sometimes in a minor way.  But no matter, the impact is there.  Choose the finest thoughts, the richest words, and these will perform, in a marvelous way, for you.  And all the deeds you do will be touched by the light.  Choose the best you can, and create, with that intention, and the environment will be blessed.  The environment will be of The Light, existing for The Glory of God.