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August 31, 2019

      Whenever you feel sadness begin to wrap its arms around you, or feel the pull of depression into a downward spiral, do not surrender, do not give-up your life force, your energy.  Be still, and seek My light.  Be still and listen, so that you might hear My whisper.  Be still and do not move, so that you might feel the breath of The Holy Spirit upon you.  And then, wait for The Light, and The Whisper, and The Breath.  Do not remain in darkness or shadow long.  Participate in your freedom.  Throw open the doors that you have shut and locked, and let The Light in.  Lift the windows, and let the fresh air move into you as The Breath of The Holy Spirit.  Once the doors are unlocked, and the windows are opened, you will begin to feel rejuvenated and refreshed, yet that is but the beginning.  The cobwebs, of sadness or depression, can create a difficult place to live in joy.  But happiness is your reward for rising-up; and, even when you do not wish to dust away the cobwebs, unlock the doors, and lift the windows, you find as you do, new strength enters you.  You begin to smile, and then to sing, and all your efforts finally bring a sense of peace.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      If you have ever been assigned the task to refresh or rejuvenate an old house, which has been closed-up, locked, with trespass forbidden, you might remember the first thing you did.  You went around and threw-back the curtains, or removed the blinds over the windows.  You unlocked doors.  You opened the windows and opened the doors.  You let the light in.  You let the fresh air in, the wind in, so it might move through the house, so that the house might begin to breathe again.  But, once the light was shining through the windows, peeping through the doors, you noticed cobwebs, and dust, and dirt on the floors.  To let in the light, to let in the wind, just showed you where to begin.  So, the cleaning began.  But, with each room that was refreshed with soap and water, and dusting, and with each window that was cleaned, the light became brighter, the wind became fresher, and soon the house was renewed.  The still, stale air was fresh with the wind.  The dank, dark rooms were filled with light, once again.  And, it was a good house, because of the work you did to let in the light, to let in the wind.  Put forth such loving efforts within your own physical house, your body.  Any time you become sad or depressed all you have to do, in this event, is let in The Light, and let in The Wind.