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August 31, 2021



      When you make a statement that you will do something, or will not do something, you are stating your will, your will that something be done, according to how you will it to be done.  You can say, “I will go with her, but I will not go with him.”  You will it, therefore it is.  Think on the power, that you have, by saying that you will do something.  You can make the decision that you will not do something, but I want you to focus on what happens when you say, “I will.”  You change your thought patterns, by pronouncing, that you will not dwell on something, you will not allow it into your thoughts.  And you work to cast it out of your thoughts, to do away with it.  It is your will.  And you pronounce your will, when you say, “I will not think of that.”  I will not give it safe harbor in my thoughts.”  You do the same thing, with the words you speak, and the deeds you do.  “I will.”  “I will.”  And you make the pronouncement, and it is done.  I wish for you to ponder the power that you have with your will, because, when you say, “I will,” it is done.  You are misusing this power.  You do not understand the power of it.  Understand the power, held within your will to do something. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       A good parent introduces their children, at a very young age, to the importance of being positive.  And these lessons often include, teaching them to say: “I will be stronger.”  “I will run faster.”  “I will learn to read.”  “I will grow to be the best I can be.”  “I will get better, with each day, as I try.”  You are teaching the children the power of their will, in this way.  And your Eternal Parent wants you to remember, as well, the power of your will.  “I will be still and quiet.”  “I will hear The Whisper from within.”  “I will draw nearer to God.”  “I will walk The Way.”  And it goes on and on, as your will is powerful, in a spiritual way.