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August 4, 2019, Clean-Up The Pollution Of Earth



      “I AM with you.  It is ‘delightful,’ to be with you, when the fences and the barriers are dropped, and your arms and your hearts are open, welcoming a friend, embracing a loved one.  It is a source of great joy, and happiness, completion and fulfillment.  To be received in the arms of another is to be embraced in a blessing.  Come into My arms, and I will shower you with grace, and I will touch your face, with the sweetness of Heaven!          


     “Today, I wish to speak, once again, about anger and hatred, and how it pollutes Earth. 

      “Many of you read about, listen to, or watch others speak about, the damage done to the planet by pollution; and oh, there are so many avenues, and so many definitions of pollution, what type: water, air, food.  It would take all day to address the surface issues of pollution; but many, are interested in resolution, of pollution.  One would think that ‘a joint cause,’ would settle within the hearts of interested people, the intention to work together to resolve the issue, but this rarely happens.  Even when individuals agree that it would be best to address the issue, before the issue can be addressed, there is much in-fighting, arguing, name-calling; and, caught-up in the anger, which soon moves into hatred, the interested parties are distracted, and nothing is done, about the pollution, because no one can agree on how it should be resolved.  Those of you who have lived long enough upon the Earth have seen this.  There are thousands, if not millions, of missions that were to be addressed, of issues remaining unresolved, because there was the distraction: of fighting, of arguing, of anger, about how to resolve the issue.  If you would drop your defense, and sit with this awhile, you must see it is so. 

      “The most interesting aspect, of pollution, resolution, is that very few are paying any attention to the source.  The greatest pollution issue: is not trash, it is not contaminated water, it is not poisoned food.  It is the emission of anger and hatred, coming from the bodies of the inhabitants of Earth.  If you can envision every inhabitant of Earth as an individual walking factory, you might come close to comprehending that, that smoke coming from that factory has a name: anger, hatred.  It does not matter what has made the individual angry.  It does not matter what seed was planted that grew into hatred.  There is still the poisonous gas, created within.  You cannot see it, but each one, who holds anger or hatred within, is emitting toxic gases.  It is poisonous.  This is where the focus should be, cleaning-up the garbage, the dirt, and debris within, each inhabitant of Earth.  This is where the inability is created, and that inability shows its head, when those who are interested in cleaning-up a garbage dump, begin to argue, about how to do it.  That difficulty comes from within.  You cannot wash your body, and get it clean, with a dirty washcloth.

     “These words might be (seem) confusing, they might sound confusing, they might be misconstrued as confusing; but I tell you, it is the truth. 

      “To see the truth, I would suggest this.  For one day, if you can make it, for one week, even better, within your family, or maybe with a friend, conduct an experiment.  Clean your inner-chambers, the passageways within your being.  Get rid of the debris.  Throw-out the garbage.  Clean the walls of your heart and your soul and your spirit, so that there is The Light of God, and The Love of God, streaming into you.  When you are clean, within, it makes a difference how you see, the world around you, because you are free of debris.  When you have people, individuals, gathered together to accomplish a goal, and each one is clean within, they work together, in a way which would have been impossible, before. 

      “The pollution issues of Earth will never be resolved, until the individuals attempting to resolve the issues, have cleaned themselves, from within!  Once everything is moved, all obstacles set aside, The Holy Spirit will guide, and the hearts of the clean will listen, and the pollution will come to an end: with no argument, with no fight, with no anger or hatred. 

      “To accomplish this, it will take ~ setting aside egos, setting aside arguments and preconceived notions, getting to work, cleaning the interiors of each individual, ~ and being willing to be led by The Holy Spirit of God!  Yes, it is possible to be done in this Way!  Sit with it a while today!”