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August 4, 2019



      If you do not take-out the trash, clear-out the garbage, which is created in your home through every day living, and eating, and cleaning, there will soon be an odor, there will soon be bugs; and, no matter how much you sweep, or spray, or clean, until the garbage is removed from the house, there will be the odor, there will be the bugs.  Heed these words.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      You can sweep the floor, dust the furniture, wash the walls, light candles which bring a sweet smell to the room, a fragrance that delights, you can open the windows, let the sunshine in; but, if there is garbage and trash littered about your home in certain areas, sometimes even unseen, it will soon be obvious.  Do not clean the surface while ignoring: the root of the issue, the source of the odor, the creation of the debris.