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August 4, 2020



      Whenever you feel boxed-in, trapped in a corner, as if your back is against a wall, or you are in a hole, so deep, that it feels as if it is impossible to get out, whisper My name: and the sides of the box will fall; and the corner will be straightened, and you will be free; and that wall, which you were backed into, will be no more; and I will lift you, and free you, from the hole of darkness and shadow.  All things shall happen when you whisper My name.  And I tell you, there is another course, as well.  Bring Me to the center of all you do.  Listen for guidance: before you pass through the door; before you make the turn; before you are boxed-in, or in a corner, or with your back against the wall.  Bring Me to the center of every plan, of every thought of ideas, of anything you intend to do, and I will help you walk through, show you The Way, lead you all through the day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you have a thought, make a plan, and you want to see it develop, it is possible for you to use the tools, that the world has taught you, to build something, or to write something, or to prepare something in a way that you can use and enjoy it, and others, too, might use and enjoy it.  But there is a spiritual approach to creation, to doing things, and that is (to) ask, so that you are doing The Will of God, because The Will of God is your Will, as well.  If it is The Will of God that it be done, it shall be done, and you shall be the hands, and the eyes, and the ears, and the mouth, and the feet.  But it shall be accomplished, and with much ease.  Bring God to the center of every plan.