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August 4, 2021



      Today, you have the opportunity to, change the world, for at least one, and more than likely, more than one.  Every encounter, you have with another person, is an opportunity, to deliver gifts.  Think upon that.  Rather than just ignoring this opportunity, put it into action.  When you greet another person today, bless them, with a smile, with a kind word, with an open heart, with love.  That one encounter, that you have, might be the only encounter, they have, with light and love.  And if you are willing to do this, they will be blessed, but so too shall you be blessed, because it is impossible to permit My Love to flow through you to another, without you being blessed, with My Love, as well.  It is time to change the world.  Let the change come from you.  And even if it is only one other person, you touch today, let them be touched, with My Light, so they feel My Glory, and know My Peace, through you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist the temptation to be the bringer of darkness and shadow to another individual.  Do not greet another person in a way that introduces them to darkness and shadow, through you.  Today, you have the opportunity to change the world, for one person, at a time. What world will you show them?  Will it be darkness and shadow?  Or will it be light and kindness?  No matter what another individual is doing, or saying, you make the ultimate decision, on what you do, and what you say.  Today, embrace the opportunity to change the world, one person, at a time.  And your world will change, as well because you have delivered gifts, you have been kind.