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August 5, 2020



      The first stroke, upon a canvas, is just as important as the final stroke, revealing a masterpiece.  And all the strokes in between, are just as important, as well.  The artist uses the tools of brushes, and paints, bringing forth light, and color, balance, and beauty.  The brush does not lead the hand of the artist.  The artist is filled with inspiration, and that inspiration moves the hand, which holds the brush, and applies the colors, creating the masterpiece.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many examples of all of the parts, being important, all of the gathered pieces, holding great significance.  But when the project is complete, that which is completed is greater than the sum of all the pieces.  The hand of The Master will bring forth the light.  The hand of The Master will address all the colors.  The hand of The Master will bring forth balance, and beauty, harmony, and peace.