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August 5, 2021



      If you give harbor to spirits, creating the energies of hatred, and anger, you cannot love, fully, completely, for those spirits, and energies, of shadow and darkness, diminish the capability to love.  They diminish the energy of love.  Begin to forgive.  Within yourself, do the work necessary to forgive.  Do not carry anger, or hatred, with you, because it spoils everything you do.  Even the loving things, you attempt to do, are tainted with this anger, and hatred.  Once you begin to rid yourself of anger and hatred, and focus on the love, then the love grows, and grows.  And, with intention, and purpose, you push-out, you cast-out all agents, and energies, of anger, and hatred.  And, once it is complete, there is The Light of Love, within you.  And that is the time when you can love, fully.  And you will be surprised, at your capacity to love, because you took the opportunity to rise-up, you took the opportunity to commit yourself to cast from you anger, and hatred.  And, in that environment, in that intention, the energy of love grows.  There is no limit to how powerful, the love, within you, can be.  You hold the key.  Clean yourself, and clear yourself, of anger, and hatred, and you will be The Light of Love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is none more powerful than the energy of love.  However, if you turn your back, upon the energy of love, and focus on anger, and hatred, that is what will grow, within you.  You are making a choice.  Every time you choose anger, every time you choose hate, you are making a choice.  You are choosing darkness, and shadow, over The Light of Love.  Pay attention, to what you are doing, so this habit of getting angry, or giving harbor to hate, will not become more entrenched, within you.  See that, when you choose to use these energies, you are turning your back on The Light of God’s Love.  And, in this way, it is diminished, for you.  Today, sweep away the debris of anger, and hatred, and turn, and walk into The Light of God.  The Light of God’s Love is waiting, for you.