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August 6, 2020


      Continue to be kind, even when your kindness is not returned in kind.  Continue to be loving, even when your love is not returned with love.  Continue to be compassionate, patient, understanding, even when these things are not received nor returned with understanding, patience, and compassion.  Do not permit the creation of kindness and love and all good things to be limited by another’s reaction.  The world needs kindness, therefore, be kind.  The world needs love, therefore, be love.  The world needs compassion, patience, understanding, therefore, bring these things onto the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not permit another’s rejection of kindness to limit the kindness you are willing to create.  Create all that is holy and sacred and good.  Create these wonderful things, within yourself, and deliver them, without hesitation, without looking for a reward.  Let the reward be the creation itself, for your kindness will not fade away, nor will your love, compassion, understanding, or patience, fade away.  Once you create them, they live.  Do not permit another’s rejection to keep you from bringing these things to Earth.  Today, create heavenly energies to move-out over the Earth.