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August 6, 2021

      There are days so glorious that they fill you with song.  You smile at everyone you meet.  Because of the song in your heart, you see, and embrace, My Glory, shining all around you, and come to know it.  And, with the knowing, comes the confidence that you can meet every challenge, that comes to you, without falling to it.  You are living within My Glory, so whatever comes to you, you can master, and do so, with delight.  Pick up whatever chore, or task, comes along, and complete it, with joy, and with a song, and you will walk within My Glory, all the day long.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pay attention to how you feel, when you are filled with song, when you are joyful, when all around you is The Glory of God, and you see it, embrace it, and know it.  Oh, those days are special, unique.  Every day with you can be special, and unique, because every day is meant to be just that, special, and unique.  Look around you, and see, The Glory of God.  And then, if something comes your way, which must be addressed, do so, with joy in your heart, confident in the knowing that nothing comes to you, which you cannot do.  So, pick up the chore, pick up the task, and complete it.  Complete it with a song, and joy, in your heart, for The Glory of God is with you, shining from you.  You are a part of The Glory of God.