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August 7, 2020



      During times, when you feel low, be mindful of what you choose to do to extract yourself from that hole.  Resist the temptation to add project upon project, to change the focus, because adding project upon project, to this feeling low, will only cover it, for a while, until it breaks through, again.  When you are feeling low, set a course, for the day, that requires you to create something of light, to lift you from the hole.  For a period of the day, make it your intention to create kindness.  No matter what comes your way, be kind.  For another period of the day, set a course, on which you become more understanding and compassionate, and do not change that course.  And all through the day, let your intention be known, by the things that you say.  When it is time to create kindness, be kind to everyone, and every situation, including yourself.  These things, these energies, these beautiful creations, flowing from you, filled with light, will lift you up, out of the doldrums, high up so you can see the outcome of that which you chose to create, to change the focus, for just a while.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you perform a kind deed, for another, you feel better.  When you choose The Way of love, over anger, you feel better.  When you choose to listen, with understanding, and holding compassion, for the individual, who is speaking to you, you feel better.  Employing all The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, The Gifts I give unto you, The Gifts you have been given to cherish, treasure, and use, brings a feeling of confidence, and you feel better, because you know, whatever comes your way, you can meet it, and change the color, the course, of the day.  Use The Gifts you have been given, and you shall rise-up, from the lowest place, up, up, to the highest.  Today, choose kindness, compassion, and understanding.