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August 7, 2021



      Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, and look out, you see dewdrops, clinging to blades of grass, clinging to leaves on the trees, and the bushes, and the flowers. And you look, and you see, the beauty of it, everything touched, wet with the dew. But then comes the sun, and the light of the sun, touches the dewdrops on the grasses, and the leaves on the trees, and the bushes, and the flowers. And they begin to shine and sparkle, in the light of the sun. When you look out over the grass, or up into the trees, or out to the bushes, and flowers, you notice that, as you see one dewdrop, sparkling like a jewel, possibly red, or green, or blue, you see more, and more. With each one you see the possibility is that you will see many more, until they multiply, into a beautiful sparkling show, held within each dewdrop, awakened by the light of the sun. Be as the dewdrop, held on the grass, the trees, the bushes, the flowers. Hold of the grace, and allow the light, to awaken the colors, within you, the brilliance, within you. In the light of the sun, you become one.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Nature provides the opportunity to see how nature relates to the world around it, and to you. It is a remarkable lesson, each time you look, and observe, something happening in nature. But one of the most profound lessons, is watching the rising sun cast rays of light, upon dewdrops in the grass, trees, flowers, bushes, and then watch them respond to the light, shining with all their brilliance. And in that scene, with all those individual gems, of water and light, sparkling, to your delight, it feels as if they are one with the light. Because, with the coming of the light, that which they held has been awakened, and illuminated. They are alive.