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August 7, 2022




      “I AM with you.  This, is cause, for joy, and celebration, because I AM with you, yes; but even more than that, because you know I AM with you.  That, is cause for celebration, that you know, it is possible; and not only possible, but happens, every day, every night.  It is a source, of comfort and delight, to have this knowing, because I AM always with you.                


       “I want to share something with you, today.  It will help you, as you walk along The Way, as you experience Earth.  It will open the doors to a lighter, brighter experience, of Earth.

       “There was a man, who had a plan, who set a goal, and focused on the plan, and the goal, to such an extent, that year, after year, he became married to that plan, that goal, to the exclusion of family, and friends, and all that was happening, around him.  He put his head down, and pushed forward, because the plan, the goal, was what he wanted to achieve.  Sometimes, he struggled.  All the time, he felt alone, in seeking the goal. 

       “He pushed forward, and pushed forward, and the days became dull, and dim, and the nights, darker, still, because all, that was, within him, was what he wanted to accomplish.

       “Now, all these years, that he spent, in this prison, of his own making, God sent signs, messages.  God called, and whispered, from within.  The Holy Spirit was guiding, but he would not listen.  The goal, he had set, became the god, of his day.  He would not be swayed.  It was as if he was worshiping, at the altar.  And soon, it became dark, and dim, and he began to wonder, why God was not answering him.  His prayers were for help, along this way, to achieve what he wanted, to reach the goal.  And at last, he crumbled, and cried out, ‘God, why have you forsaken me?  Why can I not have that dream, what I want?’  And that is when God said, ‘Be still.’  And it was as if something had awakened inside of the man.  The stiller he sat, not moving his body, not moving his mind, the quiet took over, and calmed all the designs, and all the plans, within him.  And he did utter a prayer, ‘Thy will be done, God.’  And in that moment, despair melted.  He stood up, and looked, around.  The walls, he had built, imprisoning himself, no longer stood.  He turned around, and saw, just a glimmer of a Hand, reaching, from above, pulling back a curtain, revealing: those he loved, at one time; the things that brought him pleasure, and joy, at one time.  And he ran into life, upon Earth, as it is meant to be, not drudgery, not imprisoning yourself, with your thoughts, but running through meadows, into wooded lands, splashing in the oceans, and the seas, loving your family, your friends, the birds, and even the bees, living life, upon the Earth, as it is meant to be.  You have an Earth experience, but do not ignore what is with you, clinging to that, which you want, because, sometimes, that, which you want, was never meant to be.”