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August 8, 2020



      During tumultuous times, there will be many opportunities to engage in verbal combat with others, decrying their position, upholding your own, making judgments upon this one or that one; and, the exchange goes on.  These exchanges absolutely, never, resolve the issue at hand.  These exchanges do not calm the angry seas.  The wise refuse to enter this useless combat, resolving nothing, because each side is so caught-up in their own position, they cannot see.  Refuse verbal combat, and use your energies to do something which will resolve the issues at hand.  Quietly, call upon Me, so that I can fill you with heavenly wisdom.  Call upon Me, so My hand will move, and bless the land, and the people, touching their heart, which will soon be at peace.  Prayer can resolve what words of anger only ignite.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When there is verbal combat, an argument, between two, or more, people, it is a misuse of energy, because the issues at hand have roots, which began: sometimes, thousands of years ago; oftentimes, generations ago; and possibly even, months ago.  But realize you are arguing in the past, of the past, from the past.  If you wish your words to be seeds of promise for tomorrow, you must choose, wisely, that which you say, and let it be positive, in every way.  There is no need to point-out all that is wrong.  Say something positive.  Address that which has been done, which is good, and prepare the garden for the seeds of hope and promise, which will feed the children of tomorrow.