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August 8, 2021



      “I AM with you.  It is such a delightful experience to watch over you, and to watch you, and hear you commit to following The Way.  And do not be dismayed, if your fall, or crash to the ground.  The glory is in rising-up and continuing, dusting yourself off, and moving forward.  Because, even when you fall, you are still doing it.  The journey is still yours, with all the success, with all the stumbles, and tumbles.  All of it rolled into one, it is your journey upon Earth.  Today, let us walk it together, and mark it in such a way, that you can say, ultimately, at the end of your life, upon Earth, this was my journey, it is mine, and now I return Home.             

“When I walked upon the Earth, I gathered those around Me, as I was directed, and guided, to do, so that they would save, and know, each incident, each situation, and pass it on to you.  And they did, each in their own way, they did.  They held what was special, to each one, close to their hearts, and repeated the stories, over, and over, again, because they were part of the great miracle.  They were a piece of the redemption of mankind.  They were watching it unfold.  And it was necessary to gather them into My fold, so they might walk with Me, and see.  Not just hear about, but see, what God would do through Me.

      “Today, I want to encourage each of you to strip away all the extra things that you have wrapped around My simple words, and just follow, simply.  When I said, ‘Love one another,’ I made it clear, there was to be no exception.  ‘Love one another.’  If you remember who you are, and you are in touch with your real self, your eternal spirit, that is within the garment of Earth, that is The Way you will be able to love, without discrimination, without exclusion.  You will love from your spirit.  You are getting things confused.  You are thinking your body is the most important thing, and your brain is what you are going to love with.  And that cannot be.  The only way you can love one another, love your enemy, is to know who you are, and do it from your spirit self, because your spirit, the eternal you, will connect with the spirit of your enemy, too.  And the spirits will connect, not the physical bodies, not the garments of Earth, the spirit within your enemy, within your neighbor, with whom you might have an argument, or disagreement.  Speak from your spirit.  That is where the connection will be.  And then, you will find it is possible.  When you strip away the garments of Earth, and go to the core of who you are, then your conversation is different.

      “And it is the same with, ‘Turn the other cheek.’  That statement was not meant for someone that slaps you, or hits you, or attacks you, in some way, only.  It was also meant for arguments, and disagreements.  And you might find this difficult to do.  But there, turn the other cheek, too, because having the last word has nothing to do with your eternal life upon the Earth.  When someone is assailing you verbally, turn the other cheek, because when you do this, you are turning from the argument, and focusing on God.  You are no longer arguing about something that is worldly.  You are focusing on God, and you do not even hear what is being said.  Turn the other cheek has more to do than the physical strike, more to do than that.  It has to do with letting all stop with you.

      “All of the words that you speak, when you think of Me, and you are remembering things that I said, and did, from Scripture, take these words back to their simplest form, and apply them to your spirit.  I said, Heaven is near to you, and Heaven is with you.  And that is true.  Now, you have some work to do.  If you follow My words, to the simplest form, Heaven will spring up, as flowers in a garden, all around you.  Those individuals, who come to you, will experience Heaven on Earth, because you will be creating it.  God, The Father, created.  You are co-creator children of God.  Create what God would have you create.  And do it from your spirit.  You do not have to dress it up in fine clothes, and jewelry, and cars, and all other worldly possessions.  Because, they have no place in The World of God.  Love, charity, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and on, and on, the list goes, those valuable jewels, those gems of eternity, that is what you carry back Home with you.  And you have the possibility to create them on Earth, bringing Heaven on Earth more completely, and more fully, then ever before.  This is a great thing you have the opportunity to do.

      “Let today be the day you make the commitment.  Stand up and say, ‘I am a child of God.  I come from The Spirit of God, and I intend to bring Heaven upon the Earth, for The Glory of God’.”