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August 8, 2022



      When you are within the walls, of your home, you look out the windows, and see.  And what you might see will vary, depending on where your home might be.  But still, you look out, and possibly, you see trees, and birds, and flowers, and the sky.  You open the window, and a breeze comes in, and you are more connected, with all that you have been seeing, through the window.  But when you open the door, and go outside, you walk into what you have been seeing, through the window, of your home.  Some of you, will stay in your home, within the four walls, looking out the window.  Some of you, will open the window, and allow that, which is outside, to flow in.  And others, will open the door, and walk out into the garden, and there you will be, within all that you did see, from the window, of your home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Depending on where you are, your experience of Earth will vary.  I encourage you, today, to walk into the experience, of Earth.  Do not separate yourself from: all that is the Earth, the creation of God; the trees; the grass; the beautiful birds, on wing; the worms, crawling around; the butterflies, appearing, for a while, like flying flowers, caught in the breeze.  Go out into nature, and become, as all of these.