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August 9, 2019

      NOTE:   Michael unexpectedly had to return to Mission Hospital in Asheville, Tuesday, August 6.  We have no release date, as of yet.  Audio portions of the daily messages will resume when he returns to The Quiet Place.  We ask for your continued prayers during this time.


      Come to The River and wade into the water.  The water will surround you, and begin to move you, taking you into its flow.  Do not struggle, relax.  Trust the waters of The River of My Love to carry you where you need to go.  In faith float, ride the current with your head back, watching the sky above.  Without struggle you will find The Way you are meant to go.  Do not be afraid.  Do not cling to the bank, resisting the flow, or there you will sink roots, there you will grow, and watch The River pass by, always wondering where it might have taken you, if in faith you could just let go.

                                                     And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are called to The River, go.  When you reach The River wade into the water, for it is within The River of God’s Love that you will find the wisdom of The Holy Spirit; and, all you need to know will be whispered to you, as you go.  You will see everything you are meant to see, you will go everywhere you are meant to go, and when the journey is done, you will flow into The Ocean of Eternity.  The journey will be grand, with adventure enough to season tranquil days with excitement for life on The River.  The River has purpose, and so do you, to make the journey of life held within the current of The River of God’s Love.  Listen.  Do you hear the call?  Come to The River of God’s Love.