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August 9, 2020


      Every new day, which comes to you, is an opportunity for you to begin, again, to create, anew.  When it is time for you to create, be mindful of your thoughts as, as you think, you create.  These energies live, and move-out from you, and take-up residence, in the day that is new.  Let this day be filled with the best that can come from you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you are inclined to rise from your sleep, and run into the day, to begin either work or play, without taking the time to stop to pray: you are more likely to create thoughts, which could be a bit more elevated; you are more likely to say things, which, more likely, would be better eliminated; and, you are more likely to perform deeds, which are not of light, all the time.  But when you are mindful, and you know that you are in a new day, you tend to make it sacred, in every way, just because you took the time to stop and pray, before you did begin the new day.