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August 9, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Hello.  How are you?  What do you want to do, today?  It is a new day.  What thoughts shall you create, today?  The new day is with you, and I AM with you, too.  Let us walk through this new day together.                                


      “If you are reading these words, or hearing these words, you are in a portion of a day that is new.  It could be beginning, or ending, for you, but still, you are in a day that is new.  And each new day, that comes to you, is an opportunity for you.  You have the opportunity to leave your mark on the day, to contribute to the day, the new day.  And it is the same with every new day, which is given to you.  And it is given to you so that you might continue the creation that God began, the creation that came from the hand of God; and you are to be a part of the creation story, not just living in it, but creating it.  But let us take a look at this new day.

       “As it is given, it is pure, ready to be filled with that which you create.  It is a day, that you are preparing to bury a loved one; or it is a day, that you are preparing to marry a loved one.  Yet, it is the same day.  It is a day, that you are beginning a course of study, schooling; or it is a day, that you complete your course of study, finish your schooling.  Yet, it is the same day.  It is a day, when you begin a new job, filled with enthusiasm; or it is a day, when you retire from a job you have held for years.  Yet, it is the same day.  It is a day, pure and pristine, unless you add to it, the baggage of unforgiven situations of the past; or it is a new day, when you forgive all that is past.  Yet, it is the same day.

       “While it might appear to you that everyone around you is experiencing this new day, in a relatively ‘same’ way, this is often not the case.  It could be a day of remembering, one who is no longer with you; or an anniversary, celebrating one who is with you.  It can be a day of many things, but you cannot know what all those around you are thinking, or remembering, or celebrating, or recalling, in any way.  These things, of the past, have a mark on the present day.  It is what each individual carries, within, as they march through the new day, and into another new day.

      “If you begin to look at the present, in this way, you will see it is more like a procession of individuals, making their way through the journey that is theirs.  And, while you do share the present time, it can be different for each of you.  So, set your course this week, to remember that.  Do not be so quick to judge, or find fault with, those around, who often can be an annoyance to you.  Remember they, too, are making their way, as best they can.  The memories might slow them down.  The happy celebration might quicken their step.  All of the thoughts they carry definitely have a profound impact on the day they see as new.

      “No matter what you carry, what you celebrate, what you remember, today is your opportunity to create, anew.  It might be a good idea to begin by creating forgiveness, for all that you carry from the past, so that you can free yourself, at last, and prepare to walk into a new day, and experience it, in a new way, free, forgiving all things, being compassionate to those moving around you, creating a sphere of love, an environment of light, a realm of peace.



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